Download: A Financial Institution's Guide to Marketing to Millenials

increasing-efficiency-in-your-loan-portfolio-analysisAfter a decade of fruitless flirting, it’s no wonder many financial
institutions have developed a case of “millennial fatigue.” Now is not the time to wave the white flag, though. Quite the opposite. At long last, millennials - that group of roughly 80 million Americans between ages 15 and 35, representing the largest generation in history in terms of raw numbers - seem poised to realize their collective promise as an economic and cultural force. For that reason, we wrote this ebook, 'A Financial Institution's Guide to Marketing to Millenials.' 
This ebook discusses data on:
  • Understanding millenials & their persona
  • Millenials' purchasing power & how that will continue to grow
  • Millenials' assets & investments
  • Millenials' credit risk & borrowing behaviours

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